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Marta Jimenez

Marta Jimenez

Every day we have different cultural and enjoyable activities in which we learn about Spanish people and have fun. The other day we went kayaking! At this time of the year, it is very hot in Seville so it was the perfect plan. After misión Ñ, we went to the river Guadalquivir and had a little walk until we arrive at the place. Before going into the river, we were given a few instructions on how to paddle and control the kayak which is not as easy as it might seem. Anyway, after five minutes everyone finally got the hang of it.

Once in the kayak, it was very fun! We rowed almost 3kms, we passed by the Pelli's tower, the Triana bridge and we also saw the Golden tower from the river. The instructor and some PLs were in a boat to guide the students along the way since the Guadalquivir is one of the best rivers in Spain for the Olympian rowers to train. The funniest thing was that every time the boat sailed by the kayaks it made waves so the students felt like they were surfing them with it. They even tried to splash us with water! And some of them ended up swimming!! At the end of the activity, it seemed that there was more water inside the kayaks than in the river itself. It was a wonderful and amusing adventure,


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