Kayaking and a Dam- Lots of Water in Aveiro

Authored by:
Lisette Aguila

Ola! Dressed with water shoes and UV shirts, we hiked to the riverbed of the Vouga River right outside Aveiro. There we partnered with new friends and began our kayaking journey through rapids and under historic aqueducts. As we navigated through fast rapids, some capsized and tipped over our kayak (myself and a fellow program coordinator); It was freezing fresh water but all the more refreshing. We  swam and coasted the rest of the way to our first stop along the riverbed for a break to snack and learn about the surrounding ecosystems. There we rested and learned about native and invasive plant species and recorded our new findings, including pieces of diverse plants, in our notebooks. After kayaking we visited a local beach along the river where we enjoyed a nice picnic lunch and swimming to cool off and relax. To end our day we visited the Ribeiradio Dam where we learned about current Portugese technological advancements regarding sustainable renewable energy. Although one of the largest sustainable energy projects in Portugal, we were able to visit the inside mechanical rooms of the dam including a turbine that creates energy when the water is flowing. Finally, we ended our day exploring the small seaside town of Aveiro. 

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