K-pop Session 2 has Arrived!

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K-Pop Immersion

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Sartu Taha

It's hard to believe, but the students from the 2nd session of the k-pop program have already arrived and hit the ground running! It is day 3 of the program and we've already started chipping away at our bucket lists. In the morning, students have K-pop class with professor Jungwon Kim. And in the afternoons, we have been doing various activities to get to learn more about Seoul, South Korea! Yesterday we had a fun scavenger hunt that allowed students to visit Lotte Young Plaza, a big department store in Seoul. We also visited Jogyesa Temple and Hikr ground, a multi-media space where students got to dance and perform to their favorite k-pop songs! Today, the students will be visiting the Gahoe Minhwa Museum, where they will learn about the art of traditional Korean painting. They will also get to try their hand at painting their own fans! Stay tuned for more fun adventures!