July 9th and 10th Shanghai City tour and Painting Class-Guess Bloggers Chris Mora, McKenzie Crissman and Tanya Cervantes

Authored By:

Christopher Dusek

Shanghai is an amazing city where many tourists go to appreciate the culture and the delicious food. It’s a must to take a picture of the skyline from the Bund. If you didn’t do so, you never went to Shanghai. Luckily for us, we didn’t only get the chance to get the picture but we also learned so much about Shanghai’s history and culture. We started off the day by visiting the Urban planning museum where we explored the unique architecture and many of the activities that people partake in. We then met our amazing guide, Kat, who took us around the neighborhood and gave use a lesson about the history of Shanghai. We saw many historical landmarks and we did a quick stop at a candy store where we got white rabbit candy! It was delicious! We also made a stop at a tea house which was amazing. The whole experience was fantastic and we all had so much fun!
The Painting class started off with an opera which was amazing! The performer had a magnificent voice and was a fantastic dancer. After that, the painting class started. Our teacher, showed us the correct way to hold a Chinese painting brush and how its supposed to be used. She taught us some brushing techniques and informed us about the five different tones of black paint. She then gave a brief demonstration on how to paint a lotus flower. It seemed easy to make and her flowers turned out beautiful! It was now our chance to attempt to create some amazing art. We started by practicing on paper and once we got better, we preceded to do the same in a fan. Many of them turned out really nice! We all had an amazing time and learned so much more about the Chinese painting culture.