It so hard to say Adiós

Wow, how time flys when you are having so much fun. Our four week long Language and Culture Program in Merida has come to an end however you will treasure every moment you were there, from the local people to the food and let's not forget the heat. Merida is a beautiful city filled with lots of love and Mayan culture.

The students are really going to miss everything about Merida. 

Now that you are back home and missing Merida, Mexico. Here is a list of things you can do to feel like you are still there.

  1. Make a scrapebook, virtual photo album and/or tiktok to highlight your adventure
  2. Make a Mayan dinner for your family members or friends.
  3. Show off your dance skills you at the dance studio.
  4. Keep studying your Spanish.

The students all had an adventure of a lifetime traveling to a new country, making new long life friends and family members, ate and cooked Mayan cuisine, learned a traditional Mayan dance, participated in a Mayan ritual ceremony, and many more things.

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