Introducing Me: Ryan Fairfield, London Student

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Ryan F.

My name is Ryan Fairfield and I am going to be travelling to London to learn under the Theater Arts course. Well, to say "I am going to be travelling" is kind of a lie as I have already left my home in Chicago and am currently in France spending the start of the summer with my family. I will be gone from Chicago for 50 straight days, so understandably, saying goodbye to my friends was bittersweet. But anyways, let me introduce myself. 

As I previously mentioned, my name is Ryan and I live in Chicago, however, I was originally born in England and moved to the states when I was very young. In Chicago, my life tends to revolve around two things, school and sports. In school, I am apart of a special program of approximately 60 students per grade level called Omega, which cultivates and pushes student's growth and learning in humanities based classes. To some, 60 students may sound like a lot, but in my school, Lane Tech, we have a total of 4,400 students, so it is a very small percentage. Outside of school, I spend 2 hours a day, six days a week, on the very dirty Chicago River rowing. In August of 2018, I started rowing for the Chicago Rowing Foundation, and since then, I have been to many regattas, also known as races, and competed against teams from all across the Midwest. At the 2019 Midwest Junior Rowing Championships, my team, places first in both the 1st Novice 8+ race and the 3rd Varsity+ race. 

Now in terms of the course, I am extremely excited to see everything the course has to offer and see London in a different light. I am excited to look at London through the lens of a student, rather than through the lens of a visitor. There is so much life and culture in London and I am looking forward to experiencing it all and learning from it. In addition to this blog, I will also be posting videos of my adventures and experince in video format on my YouTube channel, so stay tuned!

There are only 12 days left until the start of the course and I can't wait to see everything London has to offer. 

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