International Trade in Yiwu

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Nicole Walker

Nicole Walker

On Saturday our Shanghai Global Navigators left the city via high speed train for the city of Yiwu, a huge center of international wholesale trade for a quick day trip. We visited local businessmen and the Yiwu International Trade Market where Chinese locals and foreign buyers come together. 

Saturday morning in the Hongqiao Railway station in Shanghai
Nathan and Ngat on the train to Yiwu
Isabella, Daniel and John on the train to Yiwu
Harlie and Juliet en route to Yiwu
Yilan, Tracey, Isabella, Samantha, Francesco, Daniel and Crystal ready to listen to a guest speaker on the development of Yiwu.
Students listening to our local speaker while Nathan and Daniel (pictured front) interpret for the group from Mandarin to English. 
Students begin exploring the Yiwu International Trade Market
Ean and Harlie in the market.


Kelly and Gigi in the market.


Nathan, Sophia and Thuy An resting on the train to Shanghai


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