Immersed in the World of Marc Chagall: A Visit to the Atelier Des Lumières

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Hayley Tornquist

During their second week in Paris, Language and Culture Global Navigators visited the notorious Atelier Des Lumières. Housed in an old factory building, l’Atelier Des Lumières invites visitors to experience the works of renowned artists and painters through an immersive digital projection show. 

Each year, the artist(s) work(s) are translated into beautifully choreographed projection shows with musical accompaniment. Guests are then invited to explore the exhibition space, experiencing the show from various viewpoints as it is projected in a 360 degree view. This year's featured artist: Marc Chagall.  

Born in 1887 of Jewish heritage, Marc Chagall began pursuing painting in the early 20th century. He studied in Paris and found inspiration in the artists of the Avant-Garde. He also spent time in Russia, Germany, and other areas of France before fleeing to New York City during World War II.  He is known for his contribution to many well known artistic movements (expressionism, cubism etc.) and for his use of vibrant colors. Today his legacy lives on in museums and monuments across the world, including the famous Palais Garnier Opera House ceiling in Paris. 

Atelier Des Lumières

At l’Atelier Des Lumières, CIEE students got to experience Chagall's work in a manner unlike any other. They themselves walked through the paintings: given new life by the power of digital projection. Alongside musical accompaniment, Chagall's work seemed to carry a deeper sense of emotion. 

Many students felt that experiencing art in this new way allowed them to look at and understand it differently. They agreed that appreciating original paintings and artworks is still important, but that through the immersive projection display, new connections were formed between themselves and the artist.