Il Museo della Cattedrale e La Miniature

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Bridgette Claery

Bridgette Claery

Saluti i miei amici!

Another day, another activity to blog about! Students had the opportunity to explore the Museo della Cattedrale, which is right in the city center of Ferrara in an old monastery. There, they saw examples of miniature, which translates literally as "miniatures" and represents the miniature and precise attention to detail that monks would give when scribing an elaborate book. The examples we saw were specifically choral books for the church, scribed and illustrated on parchment paper in the mid 1400's.

Students listening, ready to enter the museum!
The Madonna col Bambino is described by our guide as the best representation of Renaissance art in Ferrara.
Doors to the old church organ

After the museum, students had a chance to make their own miniature to take home with them!

Daisy and Elisa
Walking home, exploring the streets some more!

- PL Bridgette

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