The Host Family Experience

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French Language & Culture

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Jennifer Baldwin

One of the most exciting aspects of studying abroad is the experience of living with a host family. Just like at home, there is no way to describe a “typical” French family: they are all different and unique! The one thing that our host families have in common is the desire to share their culture with our students. Here are what some of our Language and Culture participants had to say about their experience living with a host family. 

“I love being in this host family, especially when it comes to dinner and breakfast, we learn more about the culture and get delicious food!” -Yulisa

“Marie is very patient and we clicked immediately. Each day I’m most excited to go home and talk with her, it allows me to practice my French that I learnt that day and I get to hear stories about any random thing.” -Anna 

“Living with my host family is very fun and a very interesting new experience. At first it was strange and hard/uncomfortable to work with, but after a while it became much more fun the more I got to know my family better!” -Ivan 

“I love staying with a host family because I feel like it really allows me to engage in the language and learn how it is used in everyday life, not just in a school setting where we only learn the more formal version. My host family is so great and always understanding and patient, which is essential. I think it's so interesting seeing the way real people in other countries live their lives, and living with a host family has given me that insight.” -Aldara