Hoge Veluwe and Vondelpark

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Kori Catlin

Kori Catlin


This past weekend we experienced two different parks, bike riding, an open air concert and more exploration.  Saturday we traveled an hour and a half out of the city to visit Hoge Veluwe National Park. While we were visiting “The Green Lung of the Netherlands” we were able to bike around the park and witness the many different landscapes Hoge Veluwe had to offer.  After lunch we all walked to the Kroller-Muller Museum and visited the sculpture garden and the second largest Van Gogh collection in the world (second to the Van Gogh museum here in Amsterdam). While at the museum the group was able to pick out an exhibit that spoke to them and they were able to share with the group what they picked and why they picked it.  It was a wonderful activity and we all learned from each other.  


The second park we visited on Sunday was Vondelpark.  We visited an open air theater with the locals and enjoyed a free concert in the park.  After the concert we walked to dinner at Lalibela, an Ethiopian restaurant where we shared large dishes and ate with our hands.  It was the first time many of us had Ethiopian food, but more than likely not the last. We finished up our weekend with a visit to the Anne Frank House.  


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