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Ellie Bergstrom

Ellie Bergstrom

Want to laugh? Surround yourself with high schoolers. Want to laugh and go on a wild adventure? Go abroad to the mountians of Costa Rica with 16 high schoolers. Want to laugh, go on wild adventures, and feel like our planet is in good hands? Study abroad in the mountains of Costa Rica with 16 high schoolers who bring heaps of intuition and motivation to the table to combat Climate Change!

The high schoolers are striking poses all day, every day. Sometimes we understand why and other times we do not. Regardless, we are all left cracking up.

Ben is a community garden ninja, and Arshmeet is....well....who knows, here for a good time, that's for sure! Regardless, they both logged community service hours prepping vegetable beds at a community garden that was converted from a bull fighting arena.
Gabriella is a boss when it comes to transporting garden scraps to the composting facility.
Izzy and Tiff amongst the banana plants, just doing their goofy thing. They had just been learning about cultivation of domesticated banana and plantain plants and all their varieties as a way to sustainably produce food.
Well of course Jacob, Ben, and Arshmeet would pose in a waterfall! This was today's outing to El Tigre Waterfalls where students were beyond stoked to hike, swim, and walk various suspension bridges all day.
Arshmeet, Philip, Izzy, and Ben are doing their special tropical stream dance...
One minute Jacob is coming in for lunch, and the next minute he is having a moment with his new best friend, Teddy. Students could choose whether they wanted to complete the last stretch of the trail back from El Tigre Waterfalls via horseback ride or via safari buggy, so Jacob is enjoying a rest after a wild ride!


The Climate Change Mitigation participants are not just hilarious, they are also a source of inspiration! They have not ceased to impress us with their intuitive reflections during Climate Change discussions, their high caliber questions about integrated farming and community gardening, and their ability to bridge cultural gaps.

Alícia brilliantly translates from Spanish to English for the group to understand what Don Maurício is sharing about his sustainable family farm, Florencia.
Students participate in discussion about succession in tropical forests and how promoting forest restoration can assist in Climate Change mitigation.
Lula and TJ ask the community garden volunteer questions about composting and relate this information to what they are familiar with back home in the US.

You can rest assured that this is exactly what this fantastic group of high schoolers will continue to do, laugh and inspire, as we jump into our second week of the Climate Change Mitigation program this week!

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