Highlights of the trip straight from the students!

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Climate Change Mitigation

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Ellie Bergstrom

CIEE Climate Change Mitigation Session 3 has sadly come to an end. However, we all have such fantastic memories to keep for forever! Here's a compilation of the students' program highlights:

I really enjoyed Río Celeste, however my highlight was seeing the tree frogs on the nature hike. It was an unintentional bucket list item. - Jacob

My favorite memory on the CIEE trip to Costa Rica was swimming in the El Tigre waterfalls. This was amazing and something that I could not have done anywhere else. The real thing that made the trip was the other kids that were on it. - Parker

My favorite moment was when the 16 of us gathered in the rec room to bond over a secret sharing game called paranoia. These once "strangers" were sharing and laughing with me like we had been old friends. This group of people is the highlight because we had so much fun and closeness in a non-judgemental space <3 Gabriella

My favorite moment had to have been going in the waterfalls because swimming was a ton of fun and we got super close. I bonded and the view was unbeatable. Thanks CIEE.

The highlight of the trip for me was the community service day that we spent filling the bags with soil. It seems like not such a significant moment, but I felt so connected with my peers in that moment and it made me realize how special and unique this experience has been.

I think my favorite moment was playing games with the whole group in the rec room or tubing [down the Celeste River]. Tubing was really fun.

Tubing was one of the most exhilarating things I've done in my entire life. I can't pick one, but it was surely one of the top 3 highlights of my time in Costa Rica. Tubing left me laughing for minutes straight and though I didn't know what was ahead on the river, it felt good to not know. 100% carefree experience. Holding on tight to each others' tubes was a fast bonding experience. 10/10 would do again! - Tiffany

My favorite moment was tubing. I had such an amazing experience, especially because of the friends I have made. I am so grateful for this experience because I have made friends that will last a lifetime. I wouldn't have wanted to go through these three weeks with anyone else. - Jordyn

Bathing under the waterfall. Going ziplining. Seeing cool animals on hikes. Horseriding.

My favorite experience was tubing. It was scary, funny, and exciting. Moreover, I thought it was great for team bonding. - Philip

My fav moment from CIEE was the tubing in the river. - Oliver

The most memorable aspects of this trip have definitely been the ones shared with the people who I have been growing deeper connections with. Whether that be the weekend excursions such as ziplining/tubing, or team building in the classroom, to even the multi-houred bus rides that were full of laughter and joy. The relationships I developed with so many individuals will stick with me forever, and that's what made every moment here memorable and special.

Swimming in the first large waterfall at El Tigre Waterfalls. It was freezing, but so fun and unforgettable.

My favorite moments this summer abroad were the waterfalls and horseriding, and the ziplining. I also loved the tubing. While these were all amazing experiences, the thing I will always treasure are the new friendships I made that I will always keep with me.

Hanging bridges in the rainforest. - Alícia

My favorite moment was ziplining over the cloud forest. I never knew the amount of beauty that this landscape holds until I went through that experience. It was breathtaking & lifechanging. - Arshmeet