Have Fun at Pottery Workshop

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Ting Li

Today's morning consisted of the typical routine - a quick breakfast, the walk to campus, and then Chinese class. Afterwards, my class and I headed to a noodle shop outside of campus for lunch. I ordered meat wontons (肉馄饨), and it was very delicious. We then all went to a bubble tea shop to buy drinks. As someone who is a huge lover of bubble tea, I was delighted to find cheap yet amazing bubble tea in Shanghai. I might have taken advantage of this, as I've had bubble tea practically every day since the day I first arrived in Shanghai. Today I ordered a tea macchiato with bubbles. Yum!

Today's cultural activity was a pottery workshop. With the help of professionals, we got to try shaping clay into all sorts of cool shapes ranging from bowls to plates. However, most of us just ended up with lumps of clay. I expected pottery to be easy, but in reality it was much harder than I expected. Nonetheless, it was still very fun to feel the clay within your hands shift and change. It was surreal trying out the very activity that results in beautifully-made pots, cups, and bowls.

After the pottery workshop, some other people and I went to have dinner at a BBQ restaurant and then went to 卡拉OK, or karoake. Many locals here also call it KTV. Karoake in China, like most things, is relatively inexpensive and the one we went to had songs from various languages, which was good because I did not know any Chinese songs. We sang our hearts (and throats) out. Today was exhuasting, but I had a lot of fun.

Cindy Chen(Central High School,Philadelphia,Pennsylvania)


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