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Maxine Eisenberg

Maxine Eisenberg

Ice cream isn’t typically what we think of when we talk about culture, but in Mallorca, one restaurant is known for its ensaimadas, hot chocolate, and (you guessed it!) ice cream. This is Can Joan de s’Aigo, one of the first ice cream makers on the island. Its first location opened in 1700. However, I’d say that we were more excited for the ice cream than the history! We CIEE students are so passionate about ice cream that we mob the local gelato places during our free time, making such a large swarm that you’d think we’re some dairy product worshipping cult. Some of us had not had ice cream yet that day, but we were totally not having withdrawal symptoms (shaky hands who?). Anyway, we walked into the gorgeous restaurant and sat down to order. We paged through our options; some were classic favorites like strawberry, others were new to us, like sweetened milk. I ordered the latter and was amazed by what I got. It was a hefty pile of delectable ice cream, thickly dusted with cinnamon and served on a saucer with a dessert spoon. It was definitely fancier than our usual ice cream, and I didn’t know if any of us could go back to our usual gelato shops after we tasted this! On the bright side, those overworked ice cream scoopers will have space to breathe again!

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