Guest Blogger: Our Curriculum by Kian Ahmadi

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Julianne O'Connell

Julianne O'Connell

Today we hear from Kian, a Session 1 student from New Haven, Connecticut. Kian is such a passionate human who shares his thoughts on our curriculum.


Most of our days during our three weeks in Copenhagen consisted of morning lectures and then afternoon excursions to sites related to our classwork. The lectures (from our instructor Daniel), were often followed by a classwide discussion on the days lesson, and sometimes a talk from a guest speaker. During our first week, we learned about renewable energy and the environment. We visited a biowaste energy plant called BioFos during one of our afternoon excursions. There we toured the area and learned about how the company sustainably converts waste into clean water and heat for the city of Copenhagen. 

In that same week, a guest speaker with a PhD in offshore wind energy, taught us about wind power and new wind projects. We also went on a tour to see DenmarK's offshore windmills. At the end of the week we visited the island of Samsø which runs completely on renewable energy. Daniel also came along on our overnight trip to Samsø, and gave us a lecture about the complexities of carbon neutrality goals.

Thank you, Kian, for sharing with others some of the interesting topics we have covered in our time here.


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