Guest Blog: Ana del Carmen Esparza Quevedo, Kayla Santana & Hannah Hauge

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Jennifer Pigge

My favorite thing at the hygiene museum was the happiness exhibit. I liked getting to tactically express my happiness. From the dance/music room to the origami it was a lot of fun.

Hannah Hauge

My favorite exhibition in the museum was definitely the Hello Happiness exhibition because of how they showed how vulnerable humanity can be and how we are so dependent on those ties and relationships with other humans because there are some interactive exhibits that you can't fully enjoy on your own. For example, you could make origami alone say how beautiful it is and then leave it but with another person you may be joking about it and making new memories. Even in the disco room they have, it's a more sentimental and personal experience if you're sharing it with someone else. I liked not only what I learned but also how I learned it during the exhibition.

Ana del Carmen Esparza Quevedo

One of my favorite exhibits at the hygiene museum was its temporary exhibition about happiness, providing the varied types of joy and emotions we, as humans, go through. Subcategories listed like hopeful, community, and feeling. Each section gave examples of happiness in daily life. My favorite thing from the same exhibition was the ending. The Ending exhibition was Nature. Visitors enter a dark room filled with panels of images of forests with sounds of recordings in a forest, allowing visitors to sit and think about what truly makes them happy and to dwell on what happiness is and how it changes through people to ponder about.

Kayla Santana