Greetings from Johannesburg

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Julianne O'Connell

Greetings from Johannesburg! 

My name is Julianne and I will be leading the Session II Leadership and Service students.

After a few delays and a 15 hour flight, our students (and their bags) arrived safely in South Africa. We cleared customs, got our passport stamps, and met the local CIEE staff before heading out for our first looks at Joburg. Alas, it’s winter in the Southern Hemisphere and gets dark at 6pm so we drove the 40 minutes to our accommodation in relative darkness. We were cold, tired, and hungry by the time we arrived but happily ate a dinner of Nando’s chicken before heading to our rooms for a hot shower and good night's rest.

We will be here for three days, visiting museums and learning about the history of apartheid before heading to Cape Town. I will be providing updates throughout our time here, along with some student bloggers, so please comment on what you would like to hear more about!


Julianne, Program Leader