Goodbye Session Two Global Navigators

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Botswanan Wildlife Conservation

Authored By:

Devin S.

To our Session Two Students:
Hi Friends, 
Alrighty, y’all already know we think that all of you are absolutely awesome…but strap in because we're gonna say it one more time. From the start, you all arrived in Botswana with open minds and this special kind of wonder in you. From your first giraffe sighting at Mokolodi to feeding elephant babies in the Okavango, it was so special to see you have these experiences. We watched as you showed your creative sides during projects and presentations and wowed us with your intelligence. It was such a privilege to get to know each and every one of you. You are all driven go-getters, full of curiosity and kindness. We hope you hold these traits with you as you go on with your lives and always remember Botswana and our time there. Not to say you didn’t give us a couple of extra grey hairs…please no more flinging spoons or impromptu water balloon fights at hotels. However, know that you never failed to crack us up and this was a session full of fun. 
We wish you the absolute best in your future adventures. Know that we will be cheering you on always. We are wildly proud of you. Now go brag about how you saw lions, rode in mokoros, and had lunch with elephants. 
Your Program Leaders,
Devin & Keneilwe