Going to the fish auction in Alicante.

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Yesenia A.

Yesenia A.

Today we went to a fish auction in Alicante. The auctioneer mentioned that most fish auctions are not open to the public like the one we visited today, in Campello, Alicante. Something particular about this auction was that the price of the products decrease rather than increase. The price of the product decreases until the auctioneer gets to the minimum set price by the fisherman. If the item does not get sold while the auctioneer is auctioning it off, the item gets moved to the further side of the table where the public could still purchase it at the final set price. If an individual calls out that they want the product, but decide that they no longer want it after they view it, they are not obliged to take it and purchase it. 

After the fish auction, some students headed back home some went souvenir shopping in downtown Alicante, while others stayed at the beach. Here’s a video of Ryan getting buried in the sand at a beach in Campello.


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