God of Rain and Water, “Chaahk!”, Tour of Merida

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Spanish Language & Mexican Culture

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John Boyle

Gritando in Mayan to the powerful God of Rain and Water, “Chaahk!” 

With hands held high and voice booming across the rain stricken open sided bus, a Cuban WaWa, our tour guide Miguel anointed cuarenta damp but enthusiastic students on CIEE's Summer Session 1 Tour of Merida. 

As the rain poured in Miguel's baritone streamed an amazing story of The Mayan dominance and downfall through the Spanish conquistadors and their descendant hacienda owners. Miguel described the architecture, historical placement, botanical abundance in English, Spanish, and Mayan. 

Once mute mansions came alive below the thunder of “Chaahk” and his spokesperson and our guide Miguel. Family names Quintana Roo, Montejo, and Alaya received strong recrimination and held accountable in today’s 2024 Yucatecan World. 

Inspired by Kulkukan our CIEE students enlivened Profesor Miguel's incantations with probing questions for more information and details. Buganvillas, Zapotes, ancient Caoba trees, and Sisal producing Agaves lined the streets and were featured in our guides' conveyances. Miguel described the Mayan spirits of above, below, and on Mother Earth, Ixchel!