Getting Our Hands Dirty

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Women for Environmental Action

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Alessandra Napoli

The week so far has been all about learning. We started Monday morning by going to Monteverde Natural Cosmetics, a family run business that makes natural beauty products whose ingredients are sourced from their farm and others around Monteverde. Groups took turns learning about the ingredients, chemistry, and history of the business and then making soap!

Tuesday started off with a field trip to the river to collect macroinvertebrates. Once the girls had collected plenty, which didnt take long!, they headed back to the lab to identify and study the specimens. They were able to use this macroinvertebrate data to identify the quality of the water!

After working up an appetite, the kitchen staff taught everyone how to make empanadas and guacamole. It was a delicious midday treat and something everyone will want to make again at home.

This morning, we went to Doña Ermida’s sustainable farm, Lluvias de Gloria to learn more about sustainable agriculture, native fruits and vegetables, and how one person can start a chain reaction of opportunity in a community. The whole tour was filled with fresh picked snacks! We also got to see how she grows and processes coffee, which we then got to taste and buy. Also of important note today, Happy Birthday Emi! I hear there will be cake after dinner . .  . :D

From the soap lab to the river, the kitchen to the farm, the girls all got the chance to get their hands dirty and see how different STEM careers can help to make the planet a more sustainable, resilient, and balanced place.