Gardens and Bargaining

Authored by:
Meilyn Asuncion

Greetings everyone! I’ve just returned from a busy day of site seeing and shopping! Today we went to the 豫园, which is a large garden with many beautiful spots to take pictures of.

After wandering around for awhile and learning all about the culture, we went to explore and shop at the markets around us. 

At these markets, you can barter your price, and while it may be a little scary at first having people yell prices at you, you eventually get the hang of it. It doesn’t really take much to start bargaining, all you really have to do is express interest in an item, ask the price, say it’s too expensive, and then walk away.

They will almost immediately counter you with a lower price or ask you to name your price. I was able to get this cute stopwatch down to half price!

It’s crazy to think that almost a week has passed already. I’m so excited for the new adventures we will have!  

Written By: Christina Kennedy, Chapel Hill, North Carolina (Chapel Hill High School)

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