Gardens and Architecture at Yu Garden

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Meilyn Asuncion

Photo for blog post Gardens and Architecture at Yu Garden

你好!Today, we had the opportunity to explore Yu Garden and the surrounding area. The Yu Garden is a beautiful series of buildings and bridges built over lakes filled with koi and turtles. According to our program leader, the garden was built in the Ming dynasty and were meant for the architect’s mother and father. The classic Chinese style was evident in the buildings and added a classic element to the gardens. Despite the skyscrapers visible from inside the gardens, it was easy to be transported back in time. 

Photo for blog post Gardens and Architecture at Yu Garden

When entering the enterance for the gardens, I was greeted by the site of booths filled with small souvenirs. Some people were selling fans, some were selling paintings, some were selling keychains, the list went on and on. It was interesting to see what each booth had to offer and it was a great opportunity to buy gifts!

Photo for blog post Gardens and Architecture at Yu Garden

The gardens themselves were beautiful. Turtles and colorful fish swam beneath my feet as I walked across carefully crafted bridges. I took time studying the interacasy of each bridge and building, looking at the fine details in everything. It was amazing to see the care and love that must have gone into buildings. Each window, roof, and exterior wall were made out of a wooden pattern, repeated over and over to bring symmetry to the buildings. Together, the buildings created a visually pleasing sight. 
Overall, today’s excursion was a great opportunity to examine classic Chinese architecture and a fundamental aspect of Chinese culture. I can’t wait to explore more places like this as our trip continues!

Written By: Ava Clifford (Wynnewood, Pennsylvania: Lower Merion High School)