Flying Into a Day Trip to the Palaces of Potsdam

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Michael McCloskey

Michael McCloskey

As we wrapped up our first week (It is going by so fast!), the students continued to become acquainted with the landscape of the metropolis of Berlin. To wrap up our first week of classes, we took a walk to the former Tempelhof Airport, which has now been turned into a public park. Students were able to recline, relax, or play with frisbees or play soccer as we geared up for our next excursion on Saturday.

Many of the students needed a break from the hustle and bustle of Berlin after their first week so we took a trip out to the small city of Potsdam to discover another part of Germany’s history.

We walked through the beautifully manicured gardens of the Sanssouci Park Complex. We worked our way through the park and were amazed at the beauty of the Neues Palais (New Palace), the Chinese Tea House, and the Charlottenhof Villa. Once we had worked our way though the park and had a picnic style lunch, it was finally our time to enter the world famous Sanssouci Palace. The palace, built by Friedrich the Great, is surrounded by beautiful gardens and receives many visitors each year. The students took in the grand sights of the palace, while being told about life in the court of Friedrich the Great. Their feet may hurt from all of the walking in Potsdam, but they can now say they’ve seen one of the most famous palaces in all of Germany! Students have set off for their first host family day of the program. We can’t wait to hear what the students did with their host families when they come for class on Monday!


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