First Tour at the Duomo!

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Italian Language & Culture

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Ludovica Mancini

Ciao a tutti!

Today was a pretty special day for the students, students took part in their very first Italian class by Professoressa Valentina and Professoressa Katia! They learned basic greetings like: “Buongiorno”, “Come stai” and basic ways of introducing themselves and asking people what their names are and where they are from.  Afterwards, they got to practice what they learned in class by participating in the Community Conversation, where they talked to locals.

After this and a short rest, students hopped on the Metro and headed to “Il Duomo” where students got to experience an iconic church known to Italy. Students got the opportunity to climb all the way to the top where they were able to see majestic views of the city. Then students had the opportunity to go into the Cathedral and see centuries old monuments. Students took tons of pictures and truly enjoyed the experience.