First Few Days in Mérida, México!

Authored By:

Maurice Childs

Upon arriving in Mérida, we were welcomed by our host families, and since then, we have had some opportunities to explore the (literally and metaphorically) colorful city. On the third day of the program, we went to the Gran Museo del Mundo Maya. We learned about the history and culture of the Mayans, and how their culture is still present in Mexico today. For example, we saw handmade dresses, a Mayan calendar, and Mayan architecture in the musuem. One aspect that I thought was interesting was that the musuem had many of the descriptions in three languages: Spanish, English, and Yucatecan Mayan. We also had tiem to see the city with our host families. Mérida has architecture very different from where I live, and the buildings are super colorful and pretty. We also have speaking activities where we can experience different parts of the city and speak with the people who live here. 

Written by: Rachel Rui (participant)