The First Day

Authored By:

Alejandro Sanchez

The first day of travelling abroad can always tough; the fear that you might have forgotten something at home, the long hours at the airport, then... the jet lag. The students were no exception to this. They arrived excited to explore a new city but tired from the long travel; however, their first class lifted their spirits, ABSTRACT PAINTING. After a brief presentation of different abstract artist, the students were given paintbrushes, an easel, a canvas and they begin to paint. There was no more jet lag or tiredness, just pure creativity. It is fascinating to see the distinct painting styles of each student; while some where very precise and meticulous with every brush stroke, others painted with chaotic gestures. Nontheless, all the canvasas displayed artistry and vivid imagination. Painting was the perfect start to the art and design program here in Prague. It is a traditional artform where you really get your hands dirty. The students will then proceed with painting portraits, after that there will be studios on printmaking and photography. Three weeks of assorted art techniques that they are sure to love.