Finally in SANTIAGO!

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Leadership & Service in Youth Development

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Sheila Zarzuela

The day arrived, July 9th, the moment our new kids would say "hello" for the first time. A volcano of emotions had embraced us this weekend but we were so happy to be back at the airport with open arms to embrace our new students, with smiles full of expectations and eyes filled with hope and excitement.

This group arrived with a lot of enthusiasm, full of kindness and love to share. Most of their eyes reflected the eagerness to start living what we already know will be an unforgettable life experience. After the airport, we headed to their host families' homes where they finally met each other, being welcomed with the typical warmth, love and hospitality that characterizes the people of this beautiful piece of land.

After a restful night, everyone was refreshed and ready for a full day of orientation, where they received all the necessary information to navigate these next three weeks successfully. We also got to know each other better through funny and interesting games and of course, a little bit of dancing. Those activities helped us to jump into this new season with the right mindset, reminding us that we are a net, a team, individuals that are connected as one heart and that we are here for each other.

After such an informative day, we walked through one of the main streets in Santiago, tried some delicious local empanadas and got refreshed with some coconut water. We ended the day at Zumbador restaurant enjoying the good vibes of the place, a delicious dinner and great conversations.

We don’t know what the future is going to look like for us, but when people come together to make the world a better place,  like these kids are doing, great things happen and hearts can’t help but to connect.

By Sheila & Kokayi