Final Week in Seoul

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Ivan Sarabia

Everyone made it safely back to home and it is time for us to reflect on our final week in Seoul.  It was a whilrwind final week and trip. We creatd an instagram where you could see details about every event from the perspectives of all the different students:


Paul Thompson / MARZ Music 

We were very lucky to be able to have a creater of Korean music come and visit us. He gave a talk about his history making into the KPOP music business and his music process. He has created songs for many big KPOP acts. All of the students enjoyed the insider perspective and view into making music. 



Community Service - Shoes 

Our second community service consisted of us decorating shoes that we would then send to communities in need in Cambodia. The students were able to highlight their art skills and come together for a great cause. 

Gyeongbokgung Palace 

Thursday we were lucky enough to get small format tours of the main palace in Seoul given to us by the Korean students. They very wonderfully gave as an in depth tour of the palace grounds, going into the names of buildings, significance of color, and many other details. 

Farewell Dinner

After 3 wonderful weeks in Seoul, amazing friendships, fun shopping sprees, it all came to an end way too quickly. Everyone dressed to the nines and we went to a KBBQ spot to have our final meall in Korea together.  

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