Final Presentations and Helados

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Justine Royer

Final Presentations and Helados

Throughout this program, students have been working toward gathering materials for a final presentation that encapsulates everything they've learned and experienced during these last three weeks. Today, our students had the chance to take the stage and share what this incredible journey has meant to them, and how they plan to take the lessons they've learned with them into the future. We took to Acción Callejera headquarters in the city center to share with their peers and several of the staff members that have come alongside us.

Students were able to choose how they wanted to present, be it through a delivered speech, a presentation with photos, or some other creative method of communicating information. Students worked hard on putting together their presentations over the last few days, and all put together excellent and thoughtful work.

Each presentation was unique, insightful, sweet, and impactful. Of course, half of the audience was made of English-speakers, and the other half of Spanish speakers, so our brilliant program leader Laura served as our on-the-fly interpreter. Each student also chose an issue that is facing their own community at home, and addressed ways that they could make a positive impact. Their areas of interest and passions ran the gamot, and it was so encouraging to see so many young people heading out to make their corner of the world a better place.

After a long, but great, round of presentations, CIEE center staff took the students down the Calle del Sol to have some ice cream and fun! We hung out for a while at the ice cream shop and enjoyed either the delicious helado (ice cream), or frozen yogurt with tropical fruit blended in. My personal favorite is chinola (passion fruit) and mango. After ice cream, students headed home to start packing up their maletas. It's hard to believe that tomorrow is already our last day on program, the time has flown by. Check back this Saturday as students are making their way home for our last blog entry full of highlights and final thoughts!

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