Final Days at Casita Linda

We've done lots of work over the past couple of days. Yesterday, we assisted in the construction of a storage shed, weeded a playground, and watered the trees that we planted two days ago. Today, we went either individually or in pairs to help a community member start their own garden--including plants like cilantro, celery, two kinds of lettuce, and parsley. Then, we got to know the community even better by dividing up into teams and battling it out on the soccer field! Finally, we shared lunch and had a dance party. We will miss our friends from Casita Linda!

In order to get an idea of some of the reflection that our students are doing, Marcus has graciously offered to share the following about his experience on the program so far:

"This experience has been truly eye-opening. There is so much to learn about. From the community and the culture to the problems that we've seen these communities working on, it really displays the joys and hardships that they go through on a daily basis. And because of this, I know that I've seen changes in myself. I'm more open-minded, devoted, and motivated to reach my goals and to do many other things in the future. This is something I will never forget, along with meeting great friends along the way."

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