Fellé Vega and Imaginary Folk Music

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Ryan Bosson
Photo for blog post Fellé Vega and Imaginary Folk Music
Fellé Vega with a modified propane tank

Only studying abroad

You can find salsa and merengue classes in many parts of the States and around the world, and you can find live bachata music in a city near you, but-- for some experiences-- you need to travel to another country. 

Photo for blog post Fellé Vega and Imaginary Folk Music
Ashley and Naomi captivated by the unique sounds of Vega

Folklórico Imaginario 

If the literary genre magical realism were to take musical form, it would sound like Fellé Vega. Merengue, jazz, big band, boleros, the sounds of nature and daily life, lullabies from childhood; it all shines through as Vega finds rythm in a countless assortment of invented instruments. The sounds, the rhythm and the melodies are familiar; but the unique combination of each, in addition to the assortment of instruments, brings you into a new world of music.   

Born and raised in Santiago de Los Caballeros, Vega is a unique percussionist who has shared the stage with names such as Julio Iglesias and Sting, and whose work has been exhibited in the Smithsonian. Last Thursday, Vega also appeared at the language institute Dominico-Americano. So, in a small room adjacent to the library, we entered into the world of imaginary folk music with Vega.