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Julianne O'Connell

I am happy to bring you a blog post from Patrick Wanamaker, one of our Session II students. Patrick is from Seattle, Washington and shares his thoughts on the school we are working at:

Today we went to Bonga Primary School again and left off where we were from the other day. We started the day by pulling the dead leftover weeds and about a half an hour later was when the Bonga Primary School students joined us. Together, we pulled out all the weeds and finished with an hour remaining. The Bonga Primary School helped us in so many ways. They helped us through pulling the weeds. They helped us through making us laugh and having a good time. And they also helped us by teaching us more isiXhosa. All in all, having the Bonga Primary School students helped us in every single way possible. From helping out with the weeds, to teaching us more isiXhosa. You name it and they did it. Today was a success getting everything  done at Bonga Primary School.

Thank you, Patrick! It certainly is a priviledge to work along local stuents in their own community. It makes me happy to know that the students of the Bonga Primary School are allowing us to partner with them and they are taking owneship of the garden now and will continue to do so after we are gone.