Famous Tea After a Day of Classes and Errands

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Tate Sheppard

Tate Sheppard

Classes have officially begun! Students spent their mornings planning their multimedia projects and learning techniques to create their best work and in the early afternoon had "Survival Spanish" class. Our study center is in the neighborhood of Balvanera, an exciting central part of the city full of various international influences, home to the gorgeous Argentine Congress building and plenty of food options for lunch.

After class, we ran errands to exchange money and purchase SUBE cards (used to access all transit in Buenos Aires) before walking up to Corrientes Avenue. Corrientes translates to "currents", which is an appropriate name for this central east-west corridor of the city home to hundreds of bookstores and a Broadway-style stretch of high quality theaters.

We stopped in at Café El Gato Negro (The Black Cat Cafe), a registered historical landmark on Corrientes that is famous for being one of the first international spice selling cafes in the city and continues to sell high quality spices, teas and coffee from around the world. We were able to chat with the manager of the cafe about what comes with being a historical landmark and toursit destination and learned that his favorite tea on the menu is Chai.

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