Exploring the V&A and Touring Tower Bridge!

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Theatre Arts on London’s Stage

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Eve H.

We saw our first iconic landmark! As a sucker for tourist attractions, yesterday's tour of Tower Bridge was a huge highlight! We started the day off by taking the tube to the Victoria and Ablebrt Museum (V&A) which was full of beautiful art and architecture! I loved exploring throughout the museum and especially seeing the contrasts of the more modern and pop culture themed exhibits when compared to the earlier renaissance exhibits. I especially loved the attention to detail that obviously went into the architectural pieces on the first level of the museum. We had some free time to explore the museum for a few hours before we grabbed lunch at a nearby Pret a Manger (which are very popular here!) Afterwards we had some time to kill before heading to Tower Bridge so we explored a nearby Harrods. Everything was beautiful but no way were a bunch of teenagers going to buy anything designer there! Most of us spent the time in the chocolate shop and grabbed some for our families. Once it was time, we took the tube to Tower Bridge!! I can still remember when we got off the tube and got to see the Tower of London and then once we started walking over, the bridge appeared almost out of nowhere! The bridge itself is so stunning! I don't know how people can just drive across everyday without being in awe of how beautiful it is! I, obviously, was the first one to run up the starts (which was not easy because there are a lot of them) and to run to the walkways to see the view. I even made sure to get a few pictures on the glass floor parts of the walkway! After enjoying the view, I got my souvenirs from the gift shop and then grabbed some ice cream with a few friends so that we could have a picnic with an amazing view of the bridge. After we grabbed some dinner out and headed back to the hotel. Everyone was super tired, as we usually are after excursion days, so we spent the rest of the night in. I'm so happy I got to see the bridge and even go up to the top! It's things like this that make me think just how amazing life can be!

-xoxo, Eve