Exploring Copenhagen: A Walking Tour with Survival Danish

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Taking Climate Action

We have started our 3-week journey here in Copenhagen, Denmark and we are all loving it!

As the Program Leader for CIEE's Taking Climate Action High School Abroad program, I had the pleasure of guiding our 13 enthusiastic students through an engaging and educational walking tour around Copenhagen. This tour was not just a stroll through the beautiful city streets; it was an immersive experience where we delved into the culture, history, and language of Denmark. Our guide for this enriching journey was none other than our wonderful teacher, Niels.

The students were excited to explore the city that would be their home for the duration of the program. With comfortable shoes and curious minds, we set off on our walking tour. Niels, with his extensive knowledge and infectious enthusiasm, led the way. As we walked through the charming streets, he shared fascinating stories about Copenhagen's history, from its founding in the 10th century to its transformation into the vibrant, modern city it is today. The students were captivated by tales of Viking heritage, royal dynasties, and architectural.

Group photo in front of the famous Ørstedsparken!

Niels made learning Danish fun and interactive. He encouraged the students to use their new phrases in real-life scenarios as we explored the city. Whether ordering pastries at a local bakery or asking for directions, the students gained confidence in their language skills and felt more connected to the Danish culture.

The Church of Our Lady is the Lutheran cathedral of Copenhagen. It is situated on the Frue Plads public square in central Copenhagen, next to the historic main building of the University of Copenhagen.

This memorable day set the tone for the rest of our program, fostering a sense of curiosity, openness, and enthusiasm among the students. It was a perfect start to our adventure in Denmark, and we are all looking forward to many more enriching experiences in the days to come.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from our journey in Copenhagen!