Exploring CIEE's Monteverde Campus

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Women for Environmental Action

Authored By:

Emma Butler

Students have had a busy first few days in Monteverde! They explored campus in groups in a scavenger hunt, discovering the different sustainable aspects such as solar water heaters, biodigesters, a meteorological station, and electric cars. Students then worked together to analyze which components of STEM were used to create each element.

Spanish classes also started this week! Students are learning functional Spanish in a communicative setting. They are also learning phrases and words specific to Costa Rica, such as Pura Vida, which can be used as an answer to almost any question!

In a hands-on application, students worked together to create models of different kinds of renewable energy. Some were solar powered, others were hydro powered, and others were powered by the wind. Students then discussed the pros and cons of each clean energy source. 

Students also explored CIEE's integrated farm on campus. The campus has animals such as chickens, pigs, and cows; a biodigester; pools of water for raising tilapia; a campus garden; and composting. The campus is a closed cycle that incorporates many aspects of sustainability and renewable energy. 

In their free time, students have enjoyed hiking the various trails around campus, playing soccer, having movie nights, and more! They are looking forward to planting coffee trees, hiking as a class, and the excursion this weekend!