Excursion to Hangzhou: West Lake

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Nicole Walker

Nicole Walker

This weeked our Global Navigiators traveled via high speed train from Shanghai to Hangzhou to enjoy a weekend excursion in Zhejiang province. To start off our trip, we visited the West Lake, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is famous for it's scenery including bridges, pagodas temples and more. 

Students on the bus after arriving in Hangzhou!

Our tour guides, Lilli and Alex met us at the Hangzhou train station and will be our hosts throughout the weekend in Hangzhou. 

Lilli talking about Hangzhou on the bus 

Our first stop: West Lake!

Students walking through the area surrounding West Lake
First views of West Lake

Students got a view of the whole lake and it's surroundings via boat cruise.

Students getting settled onto the boat
Tour Guide Lilli giving information about the origins of West Lake
Listening to our tour guide
Gabi, Juliet and Kathrin pose for a photo on the boat
Kathrin posing during the golden hour light


Thuy An and Harbani posing for photos!
L-R: Matthew, Nathan, Kelly and Patrick 
L-R: Kelly, Patrick, Niko, Evan, Ean, Sophia and Gigi
L-R: Ean, Kelly, Gigi and Ludo
A glimpse into organizing 40 students at once!

Finally give a wave to our students as they head on to the next location!


Photos by PL Meghan, PL Nicole and 娟老师

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