The Engineers have Arrived!

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Aerospace Engineering

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Kyle Rader

After many flights, connections galore, and a very sleepy evening, the engineering students have arrived in Toulouse! Everyone was very excited to meet each other, and it was great to see so many friendships already made between everyone. Despite a bit of jet lag, we were ready to go Monday morning for an exciting beginning to an amazing aerospace-engineering focused three weeks.

At the start of the day, we went on a guided tour of the historical city center of Toulouse, learning about some of the history and important buildings. I think one of the most impressive places we went to was the Basilica of St. Sernin. This basilica was an incredibly preserved example of Romanesque architecture at the site of the burial of St. Sernin, a very early Christian martyr. The interior gave a feeling of openness and the soaring nave felt much more like a gothic cathedral than I imagined it would feel.

Following our city tour, we travelled to our classroom for the second half of our orientation. Then in the evening, we went to the Garonne River to take a canoe adventure. The current in the river was a bit strong, but everyone had a great time and was able to stay afloat! We concluded our day and returned to the residence for a nice al fresco dinner and some time to relax. I think I speak for everyone in saying that we are super excited for all that is to come in the following weeks!