Embracing Dublin's Charm: The First Few Days

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Advocating for Social Justice

Authored By:

Matt Bisek

The enchanting city of Dublin has welcomed diverse students from around the US, embarking on an educational abroad program that promises cultural immersion and a transformative experience. As the program unfolds, these young explorers eagerly dived into their first few days, embracing the opportunity to get acquainted with their fellow adventurers. Bonds have quickly formed through engaging icebreakers and shared experiences, creating a supportive and inclusive community within the program.

In the heart of Dublin lies The Liberties neighborhood, a historic and vibrant district that became the stage for the student's first exploration. Walking the community with their newfound friends, they soaked in this dynamic area's sights, sounds, and tastes. And most importantly, learning where to purchase all the essentials students should have remembered to pack en route to Ireland. From centuries-old cathedrals to lively markets, The Liberties provided a glimpse into the city's rich cultural tapestry. Conversations flowed as students shared their first impressions and exchanged stories, fostering a sense of camaraderie that will continue to grow throughout their time in Dublin.

As the initial excitement settled, the students began their first class, learning the historical context of social justice within Ireland. Guided by insightful instructors, the classroom will be a forum for critical discussions, inspiring students to explore global issues and advocate for positive change. Whether through engaging debates, thought-provoking readings, or inspiring guest speakers, the students will eagerly absorb knowledge and hone their perspectives. 

The first few days in Dublin have been a whirlwind of connection, exploration, and intellectual growth for these ambitious students. As they settle into their educational abroad program, their excitement is palpable, and the potential for transformative experiences lies ahead. Armed with new friendships, an appreciation for Dublin's cultural heritage, and a commitment to social justice, these students are poised to make a lasting impact during their time in Ireland and beyond. Stay tuned to witness their remarkable journey unfold.