El sabor dominicano (Dominican Flavor)

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Natalie Green

Natalie Green

In Spanish, sabor generally translates as "flavor". The word sabor makes me excited because if it comes up in conversation, it's probably because I'm about to get to eat something really tasty. In the Dominican Republic, however, and other Latin American countries, sabor also has a different meaning sometimes that has to do with the general feeling, vibe, or excitement that comes from music and dancing. This week we got to take a trip to a local university and begin experiencing more of the sabor dominicano that doesn't have to do with the delicious foods our host families give us each day. This week we learned to dance merengue!

En pareja, listos a bailar -- With their partners, ready to dance

Merengue originated here in the Dominican Republic, and is considered the country's national dance. Our dance instructors were students from the local university (PUCMM) and we started off counting from 1-8 muchas veces in Spanish. Sometimes it was a challenge to count to 8 – in rhythm – in Spanish – without stepping on your partner.




After a little practice, we started to feel the sabor dominicano and learned some more complicated moves!


Jaide bailó con uno de los instructores dominicanos-- Jaide danced with one of the Dominican instructors
Rebecca, Ananya, Maddie y Brandon prestando atención a los instructores -- Paying attention to the instructors
Las bailadoras de Cat y Mikayla, concentrándose mucho -- Dancers Cat and Mikayla, concentrating hard
David y Delphine 

It was so fun to see everyone dancing and trying new things together. ¡Bailaron muy bien y con un poco de sabor dominicano! Next dance class we’ll be learning bachata and salsa, so look forward to hearing more about that next week!


Adeja y Tranna perfeccionando su nueva técnica -- Adeja and Tranna perfecting their new technique 
Las bailarines Jena y Albina -- Dancers Jena y Albina 
Esta foto con MyAja y Omarrah lo dice todo.. :) -- This photo says it all.. :) 


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