Down Time on Campus

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Women for Environmental Action

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Katie Fennessey

Although the Women in STEM group spends most of their time listening to lectures, on field trips, in class activities, or on excursions, they still love to spend time together throughout the day. The girls quickly utilized all opportunties and spaces on campus and made the most of their time here! 

One of the campus favorites is helping the campus staff milk the cows in the morning! A group of seven girls head to the farm at 6AM and learn how to milk cows. We also get to spend some time with the calves and learn about the cycle of resources and energy up close at the farm!

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In addition to learning in the classroom, the girls like to teach on the field! Some of the students are yoga fanatics and natural athletes. These individuals take their time to teach their peers (and PLs!) how to hold impressive yoga poses and to stretch after long days!

Photo for blog post Down Time on Campus

Whether they are athletes or not, most girls have taken the time to play volleyball, soccer, or basketball on campus! Rain or shine the girls take every opportunity to get out and move. This has been an especially awesome way of bonding as a group and getting to know eachother better!

Photo for blog post Down Time on Campus

We also have multiple trails on campus the girls use each and every day! The girls take time to run, hike, or just walk together. They often spot different animals, insects, or plants unique to Costa Rica. It is incredible how much they have learned on their down time!

Photo for blog post Down Time on Campus