Diving Into the Nature

Authored by:
Gabriela Cedeño

On Saturday, our students went on their first trip outside of Merida. This time they went to the natural reserve ¨El Corchito¨. This is a mangrove reserve that is also known for its cenotes and its wildlife, especially raccoons! They had time to dive and swim in two of the three cenotes. Did you know that there are different types of cenotes? The ones the students visited are open to the ground. Also, did you know that cenotes are a key element in the Mayan culture?

After our visit to ¨El Corchito¨, we made a lunch stop at Progreso beach. Our students enjoyed traditional dishes commonly served at the beach, such as garlic fish and grilled chicken. Students recharged their batteries and were ready to get tanned! With swimsuits and sunscreen on, we headed to the beach where students enjoyed the breeze and the cool clear water, iconic in the Peninsula. 

And as it´s common on Mexican beaches, we had the company of street vendors, and students had a chance to try some traditional handmade Mexican candies and some ice cream and piñadas on the side.

One of the nicest things is that students get to learn about Mayan culture everywhere we go. This time, Jose learned a technique used for communication, they called it ¨Mayan phone¨.

Tired but happy, we returned to Merida and all we can say is that this trip is student approved!


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