Disney Day!

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Ting Li

Today is Disney Day! We had to meet up very early since we didn’t want to wait too long to get into the park. We were told to meet at the front gate of the school at 6:45 AM. I almost overslept but luckily, my host mom woke me up. After everyone arrived at the front gate, a big coach bus took us to Disney! Right at the parking lot, I could see the castle and I was brought back to childhood memories of endless hours of singing. The weather wasn’t the best but it wasn’t terrible. It was raining a bit but everyone walked into Disneyland excited and ready to go on all the rides. 

As a group, we used our fast passes on Tron and the Buzz ride. Tron was an expensive rollercoaster to make that consisted of the traditional rollercoaster while having some of it in CGI. It was so cool! I was first scared of the ride because of the position that you were psychically in, but after riding it, it was actually pretty fun. I walked around some gift shops and small snack stands. The prices weren’t that bad but they weren’t cheap. 

After some rollercoaster rides, we watched the water show. I was standing in the second row and I got super soaked. The entire show looked so awesome though! It was worth it, and I’m glad that I was very close to the stage to see the costumes and performances. 

At the end of the night, we watched the fireworks show. It was so breathtaking! The whole castle lit up and changed its appearance in the matter of seconds. The whole projection of a certain Disney movie or character by the castle was incredibly surreal. There were so many people who wanted to take good pictures of the fireworks display. It was so crowded to the point where you cannot move up anymore. For some fireworks, it was so intense that I could feel the heat while standing the farthest away from it. 

Overall, today was extremely fun! I got to see so many things at Disney and it was really nice to take a step back into my childhood. Despite the long waiting lines, we got to see some spectacular performances and gained an experience that can’t be found anywhere else! 

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