Design Thinking for the Future

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Taking Climate Action

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Riley Leary
Sela at the rooftop farm

How can we design neighborhoods that allow for renewable resources and sustainable ecosystems that

 serve the needs of the people who live there? 





Where do we put green spaces, where do we grow local food? Where can we gather, discuss, and solve  problems? 



Girls at UN City harbor


If form follows availability, what is the most resourceful approach to new construction? We discussed how to plan new places and how to learn from pioneers to rework existing communities. 






Willa at the rooftop farm



We saw the process in action on the island of Samso, visited buildings like the UN City that detect conditions and maximize the energy efficiency. We saw local sourcing on a rooftop farm, from a company connecting fishermen to restaurants, and on the island that grows practically. all of its food.








Fireside talks



Is the market ready for these future leaders? Because we found that bio based materials, circular economies, local sourcing, aerated concrete, and minimalism are the way forward. 








UN City group pic



Students learned that design creates new opportunities and hope for the  future...and they are the designers of our future.