Day Trip to Potsdam

Authored by:
Emily Cramer

Leaving Berlin 
On Saturday, students left the city-state of Berlin to visit the capital of Brandenburg. Potsdam was absolutely stunning! The students first had a walking tour of the city where they saw old churches, walked through the Potsdam Brandenburg Gate, and saw the quaint architecture of the Dutch Quarter. 

Walking Through The Brandenburg Gate on the Luisenplatz
Learning about the Dutch Quarters 
"Can We Stay Here Please?"

One of the students' favorite sites was the Sanssouci Palace. We walked along the Sanssouci Park and enjoyed the sunshine. One student remarked how peaceful the garden made them feel.

 Students were able to explore the Neues Palais before heading back to Berlin. Through an audio guide, they learned about the construction of the last great Prussian Baroque palace. Although we were not allowed to take photos inside (without a small fee), we snapped an amazing group photo. 

What a beautiful day in Potsdam! 


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