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Hannah Rapaport-Stein

Last Saturday was another day trip outside of London. This time, we were off to Oxford! Here's J'Ana's description of the day:

We arrived in Oxford around 11:30am; when getting off the bus, I was instantly intrigued by the architecture and the electric feel of all the people around us. Although I prefer more quiet places, Oxford has a distinctive crowd that makes you feel welcomed. We began our tour near St. John’s college, and continued with; Trinity, Jesus, and St Anne’s, each with similar yet distinguished looks.

Our tour guide provided us with interesting facts about the colleges beginning in the 600’s. We discussed the history of the Protestants, Catholics, and Anglicans which gave a new prospective I never thought of. I learned that for an exceedingly long time, Anglicans were the only people allowed to study at Oxford beginning in the 1600’s and formally ending in 1871.

During our tour we got to see the place where Harry Potter’s hospital was filmed, along with some other familiar buildings in different shows and movies. My favorite site was the Radcliffe Camera, which is the circular dome in the middle of the university. It was exciting to see the place that I always looked at through pictures in real life, this completely exceeded my personal expectations.

Our tour ended in a beautifully large field behind one of the churches apart of Oxford and we were allowed the roam through Oxford, with limits of course. During this time, a group of my friends  went to stores such as Blackwell, The Watsons (which sold Harry Potter and Oxford themed items), and WHSmiths. I took a particular liking into Blackwell because of my passion for books. The store was incredibly large and being there made me feel a sense of peace, the perfect way to end my day at Oxford.

 - J'Ana

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