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Brittany Sumner

Brittany Sumner
Student Take Over by Tristan!
Student blog takeover by Tristan! 

Bosque Eterno de Los Niños

This Wednesday, CCM1 students visited Bosque Eterno de Los Niños and a local farm to learn about local conservation efforts in Monteverde. It was an amazing experience to hear from locals about how Monteverdes’ natural resources are being threatened. 

At Bosque Eterno de Los Niño, students listened to a short talk by Ignacio Picado about the history of the forest and its beginnings, the biodiversity of the area, the importance of the natural resources within the forest, and the distribution of their funds. Then, kids went on a short walk around the conservatory to see the nature that is being protected by the organization. 

CCM1 at the Children's Eternal Rainforest Preserve 

Trapiche Farm Tour

From there, students came back to campus to have a debriefing surrounding Picado’s talk and hear about other conservation efforts in Monteverde. It was an informative discussion that put into perspective realistic methods to help mitigate climate change. Then, we headed to Trapiche, a family-owned farm, and Airbnb that produces both coffee and sugar cane. Luckily, there were two adorable dogs and one kitten that we all adored. They were the stars of the tour and satisfied our need for animal content. The owner of the farm showed us their coffee plants and the process of harvesting the coffee pods. It’s a very laborious process that usually takes up to 6 months; the plants must first become ripe and were harvested for six hours. The owner then took us to the place where sugar cane juice is extracted from the stick itself, and a few of us were able to churn out some yummy sugar cane juice. We then learned about how they transform sugar cane juice into pure sugar, and what that pure sugar is used for in Costa Rican cuisine. To top the day off, CCM1 decided to make a human pyramid; although it was slightly unsuccessful, we managed to make one! Overall, it was another fun day learning about Climate Change Mitigation in Monteverde!

CCM1 students at the Tripiche Tour!


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