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Anna Zaitseva

Anna Zaitseva

Hello everyone! Today in the blog we will be sharing one of the most important part of any study abroad experience - our daily routine!

As it was mentioned before, our global navigators live on Gorchakov Lyceum campus in Odintsovo, which is a suburb about 40 minutes away from the center of Moscow. Typically, we spend our days either commuting to Moscow or staying in Odintsovo. 

There are two main five-store buildings on campus - the classroom building and the dorm (or hotel). Classroom building has numerous spacious rooms dedicated to different purposes. The one where our students have their seminars on diplomacy is very interactive and allows students to work in groups and move around freely.  


The building also has a common area that we use for outside of the classroom activities. The welcoming ceremony took place there, and in the past few days we had a karaoke and pizza nights. On Wednesday, the Lyceum invited professional dancers to perform some of the traditional Russian folk dances. 

After folk dancers performance

Every morning our students start with a breakfast in the bufet style cafeteria. All the staff is Russian-speaking, so our global navigators are learning some food-related words every day!

To get to Moscow from Odintsovo, we have to take the train. It is a new experience for most of the students, especially seeing it being crowed during rush hours. This picture, though, was taken on a Sunday morning, when we were almost the only ones who decided to go and explore the city.

We try to make sure our students get the most immersive experience, so we had a couple of sports activities together with the Russian students. The competative mood was off the charts!


One of the things that our students keep mentioning is how green the city is. Indeed, Odintsovo is surrounded by small parks, and we try to benefit from that as much as possible.

Stay tuned to learn more about what we do in Moscow!

- Anna & Rachel






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